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Any diamond shape is the center of attraction for the solitaire ring for any setting, from prong setting to claw holding to keep the diamond at its place. Here the solitaire ring is very popular for the Engagement Rings whereas the round brilliant cut with solitaire setting is loved by all the couples as their engagement ring. The Four-prong or Six prongs is also one thing to be decided for the ring. It's the symbol of eternity and completion is the process, and that is why an engagement ring is important in everyone's life.

Solitaire Setting

The solitaire setting showcases a single, stunning diamond, a diamond solitaire refers to any piece of jewelry with a single diamond. Extra priority is placed upon the center diamond as its sparkle classic ring. Thereby, the round brilliant diamond is the most popular stone for solitaire engagement rings, any diamond shape is a beautiful centerpiece in this classic setting. when it comes to the classic and elegant design the solitaire setting is the main priority for couples. Hence, the solitaire is iconic.

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Halo Setting

In the Halo setting the center, diamond is encircled by the many small diamonds that enrich the look of the ring. Its been the most preferably ring for the people who loves to the ring with the vintage style. The halo is a universal stylistic element of an engagement ring setting that can be added to a center stone of any cut, color, or quality, and paired with any style band. Halos make your finger look beautiful.

Three Stone Ring

Three Stone rings are one of the versatile settings chosen by most couples in recent days. the three stone represents the past, the present, and the future of life. Round or other fancy shapes stone is paired with the complementary side stones to create a vision of suspicious beauty, the center stone is larger than the other two stone. The most popular diamond shapes for this setting are the round brilliant cut and the princess cut.

Side Stone Setting

Any of the settings of the ring in which it's decorated with side small diamonds are referred to as the side stone setting. Prong, bezel, channel, and pave setting are some of the ring settings which are popular for the side stone setting. It enhances the beauty of the center stone by accompanying them. Hence, this setting adds beauty to your ring.

Vintage style

The vintage rings are lovely and unique as they are; these rings are still considered to be everlasting piece of jewelry. These rings feature the minute work with the detailing practices with the Filigree and Milgrain. These rings are designed to fit the specific period of fashion jewelry, such as art deco rings, Edwardian and Victorian era styles.


To figure out what kind of ring you want and what type of style you want to carry on your life is a daunting process. They should start with a new trend that suits your daily personality and style. Engagement rings speak the beauty of who you are! Scroll down to find the perfect Engagement ring that matches your personality and elegant beauty.

Bold and Outgoing

If you are bold and want to sparkle daily then you can go with the elegant halo engagement ring that will make you feel shimmer with the halo setting as the center diamond will take the center of attraction with its beauty.

Sophisticated and Worldly

If you are an extrovert type person, who likes to spread its beauty by its intricate detailing then you can go for the vintage setting ring that will surely enhance your look with a unique and sophisticated look. Create a stunning look with the Vintage Ring.

Adventurous And Outdoors

A solitaire engagement ring would be just perfect for the one who likes adventures and outdoorsy things. The simple and classic designs speak the gorgeous side of you and your personality. Solitaire can be paired with any style with the wedding band.

Classic And Traditional

Side stone engagement rings are always the perfect choice for the one who loves to have and classic look just like the shimmering of the side stones on the ring. Whether you select the numerous side stone with the center stone or a simple side stone both will provide and shimmering twist to your outfit.


Looking after all the factors, create your ideal design, by giving the proper ring size, also you can make an engraving ring for your soul mate!