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Your Engagement Ring Or Wedding Band Should Fit Comfortably — Not Too Tight, But Not Too Loose Either. The Perfect Ring Fits Loose Enough To Slide Over Your Knuckle And Tight Enough So That It Cannot Fall Off Your Finger. Find Your Ring Size with Online Ring seizer. Keep Reading For Tips On How To Measure Your Finger Size And Make Sure That You Purchase A Ring That Fits Just Right.

I. How to Measure Ring Size with String, Paper & Ruler?

If you’re shopping for Someone Else, the Best Way to Find His or Her Ring Size Is To Ask. So, if you’re planning a Surprise, Get Help from Friends and Family. The Average Ring Size Available For Women Ranges from Size 3 to Size 9,the Most Commonly Purchased Women's Rings Range Between Size 5 And Size 7. Size 6 Is The Most Popular. The Moderate Ring Size Available For Men Ranges from Size 6 to Size 13, The Most Commonly Purchased Men's Rings Range Between Sizes 8 To 10-½. Size 9 Is The Most Popular. These Ordinary Ring Sizes Can Guide You In The Right Direction. If you want to place the order and the ring size you want is not mentioned then you can contact our expert they will make according to your requirement and will create Special Order. There are other several factors that will help you to find the perfect ring size at home.

II. Measure Your Ring Size with These Steps

Wrap string or paper around the base of Your Fingermark the point where the ends meet with apen. Measure with the string or paper with a Ruler (Mm) and pick the closest measurement on the ring size chart to find your ring size.

III. More Ring Sizing Tips

Measure the inside of another ring that fits using a tape measure and our Printable Ring seizer. The ring should fit your finger comfortably: snug enough so it won't fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle with relative ease.

IV. What If I Order the Wrong Ring Size?

Don’t Let The Question Of Size Stress You Out. If You Need A Different Ring, We Offer A 30-Day Exchange Policy For Your Convenience. In the exchange policy, the product returned must include all original packaging and your original order must be returned, received, and validated at our office earlier than your replacement order is shipped.

V. Tips for buying a ring as a surprise

If you don't know your girlfriend's ring size, ask her family/friends to help you out by giving many of her rings from her jewelry collection. Tell them to keep quiet and not to ruin the surprises you have been planning for!


Do you have a beautiful message to convey or a date to remember forever then, why not get it permanently? You can sign it on the inside of the ring or a band by engraving service offered by the Gemver to make it a most memorable gift. Create Your Own Engagement Ring by adding a few settings to it. Engraving can be a combination of Alphanumeric; ideally, the engraving length should not exceed 20 characters.


Have A Meaningful Message To Convey, Or A Date To Remember Forever? Why Not Get It Permanently Inscribed On The Inside Of Your Engagement Ring Or Wedding Band. Friendly Diamond Offers A FREE Engraving Service For All Make To Order Rings.Our ‘Create Your Own’ Engagement Rings Allow You To Add A Message To The Ring On The ‘Complete Your Ring’ Page. A Few Settings May Not Have An Option For Engraving Due To The Design Of The Ring.Engravings Can Be An Alphanumeric Combination. Ideally, The Engraving Length Should Not Exceed 20 Characters.


Since Engraved/personalized rings are customized, they cannot be returned or exchanged. Hence, there are no returns or exchanges for custom-made pieces, special orders, engraved items, stock items varied at the customer’s request, and items that have been modified in any way.

Let’s Create Your Dream Engagement Ring !